3.55. Exhibition Troubleshooting: Theme of Surveillance

It’s the second day of summer term and the final exhibition is rapidly approaching! With this in mind, I am starting to shift my focus from research and inspiration to the creation of finished pieces of art. Today’s post is about my experimentation with the technology required for my installations, and aims to evaluate the […]

3.54. Nam June Paik’s ‘Three Eggs’

Today’s post is about a very interesting artwork that I saw at the Tate Modern back in 2017, and has recently become extremely relevant to my practice! This post takes a look at Nam June Paik’s Three Eggs, discusses its relevance to my practice, and discusses how I could respond effectively to this relevance. Three Eggs is […]

3.51. Video Experimentation: How Many Removes?

Hello! Welcome to 3.51, where I discuss the production of my latest video experiment, How Many Removes? Following the Week 8 exhibition, and after creating a video documenting a public performance event some of my fellow art students organised, I had learned more about camera techniques. I began experimenting further with these techniques in week […]