Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus

Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus is a 2003 Documentary by director Andrew Douglas. It discusses the intersection between Christianity and country music in the USA, particularly in the Deep South areas, and stars the country musician Jim White. It depicts an often overlooked culture of Americans who have very little in the way of money […]

Everything And More, by Rachel Rose

Rachel Rose – Everything and More. At the start of the Spring Term, our whole studio group were recommended to watch an interview with the artist Rachel Rose about her video, “Everything and More.” It was a fascinating watch; not only is the artwork very hypnotising but hearing her talk through her ideas was thought-provoking. […]

“Jewel” – A Performance by Hassan Khan

This performance is what I aspire to achieve with my artwork – it is more than the sum of its parts. Near the beginning of the spring term, our tutor showed this performance to the whole studio group. It wasn’t aimed to inspire anyone’s practices in particular, rather to inspire everyone in different ways – […]

Artist Statement Jan 19

My work this autumn term can be summarized as a series of installations where light interacts with physical objects. The first four pieces were abstract, colourful animations projected onto abstract paintings, creating the impression of waves, dots, or streams of light washing over a canvas. The animations were very simple and were created using PowerPoint, […]

“Wandering Star” at the Technicolour Dreamboats Exhibition

This post documents my final piece of the Autumn term, “Wandering Star.” This was the piece I submitted for our self-organised external exhibition, “Technicolour Dreamboats.” This post aims to display the piece in video and image format, to summarise the progression of ideas this term, evaluate my piece, and consider where my practice can go […]