Simulacra is a short film about someone who realises they are living inside a digital world. Other than The Hyperreal, I believe this is the strongest piece in my ‘digital world’ phase. This post serves to explain why I think this. For a ‘making of’ blog post, click here. For the full post, click here.

The starting point for this piece was the scene at 1:08 of the video.


Screenshot 2019-05-07 at 16.58.18

I came up with this composition while experimenting with photography. My face can be seen in it; but is it my real face? I realised it was removed from reality because it’s a reflection. Then, I realised it was twice removed from reality because it’s on film; it’s not even a real reflection. It’s a digital representation of my face’s reflection. It made me think of Jean Baudrillard, a French philosopher who describes society as a “system of simulacra” – society is distanced from what is real or original, just as this representation of my face is. This inspired the rest of the film, where I continue this narrative.

I believe the most successful element is the composition shown above. It inspired the narrative for the film and encapsulates what I’m trying to ask with it. The least successful element for me is the scene at 0:49 of the video. I intended to draw attention to social media because it ‘simulates’ being social. However, the outcome of the shot was underwhelming and too literal.

Thank you for reading!



Published by William Fowler

Studying BA Art & English Literature at UoR. Currently pursuing an animation project.

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