Nuclei, along with Wandering Star, is in my opinion one of the most successful outcomes from my ‘light and objects’ phase (to read more about the ‘phases,’ read my artist statement). This post serves to document it and explain why I think this. For the full post, click here.

My week 9 work, Celestial Spheres, raised questions about the validity of including paintings in my installations. Nuclei aimed to resolve this by replacing the painting with a spinning sheet of perspex. This made the projected animation rotate around the room like the beam of a lighthouse.

The most successful element for me was the dynamism; the continuous movement gave Nuclei a mysterious energy. The least successful part was the thread from which the perspex was suspended. For it to rotate it needed intervention; a push, which makes the rotation appear unintentional. To improve this piece I would attach the perspex to a motor to make the rotation deliberate and consistent.



Published by William Fowler

Studying BA Art & English Literature at UoR. Currently pursuing an animation project.

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