Motions was my first artwork of the year. In hindsight, it was also one of my most successful ones. This post serves to document the piece and explain why I believe it’s successful. For more information, view the full post here.

Motions was the result of the combination of an animation and a painting. By combining the two pieces, I made them both stronger than they would’ve been individually. Both elements draw on the feeling I get when I watch birds fly. It’s like a sense of sublime; an indescribable awe of nature.

I aimed to convey this feeling without re-creating nature. The dots move in a way that is inspired by birds, but they do not resemble birds or attempt to suggest bird flight. The painting’s brush-strokes also are inspired by motions in nature, but the painting resembles nothing natural; it is abstract. It is simple, but more than the sum of its parts. By projecting the animation onto the painting, I’m re-defining how paintings can be displayed in a gallery. I am encouraged with the outcome, and I see it as a good starting point. To improve it, I would increase the scale for more impact, and I would add sound.

My artist statement describes my year in three ‘phases’: ‘motion in nature,’ ‘light and objects,’ and ‘digital world.’ In my opinion, this and Celestial Spheres are the most successful pieces from ‘motion in nature,’ hence its inclusion in the Summer Assessment tab.

Thanks for reading!


Published by William Fowler

Studying BA Art & English Literature at UoR. Currently pursuing an animation project.

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