Artist Statement 2018/19

This year’s practice can be summarised as three separate phases: ‘motion in nature’, ‘light and objects’, and ‘the digital world.’ My final piece encapsulates the year; it can be thought of as ‘digital nature.’ The starting point for this year’s practice was the abstract feeling I associate with watching birds fly. I began with a […]

Autumn Week 9 Exhibition: Technicolour Dreamboats

This post serves to document Wandering Star, the piece I submitted for the week 9 external exhibition which we entitled Technicolour Dreamboats. The piece was a light-based, dynamic installation involving a projected animation and a rotating piece of perspex. It evokes the ephemeral natural beauty of motion and investigates the interaction between light and physical objects. To […]


Nuclei, along with Wandering Star, is in my opinion one of the most successful outcomes from my ‘light and objects’ phase (to read more about the ‘phases,’ read my artist statement). This post serves to document it and explain why I think this. For the full post, click here. My week 9 work, Celestial Spheres, raised questions about […]

Autumn Week 5 Exhibition: Maud’s Cabinet of Wonders

This post serves to document the work I produced for the Autumn Week 5 exhibition! Our studio group collaborated to self-organise a performative cinema which we titled Maud’s Cabinet of Wonders, and as part of this I submitted a performance piece called Celestial Spheres. For full details on the creative process behind the exhibition, click […]