“Wandering Star” at the Technicolour Dreamboats Exhibition


This is Wandering Star in the corridor of St. Luke’s Parish Hall. In this view, you can appreciate the darkness the location provides, despite the warm glow coming from the end of the corridor, and how bright the piece subsequently is. 
The piece is projected onto brickwork, however the brick pattern has little effect on the animation. 
This view is a great example of how the animation is affected when the perspex is at a certain angle. The light shines through at multiple angles, creating a doubling effect. This is what makes the piece an exploration of how light interacts with objects. 
You can see on the perspex a very small representation of the animation itself. In fact, you could say that the animation is turned into 3 by the piece – one is in the perspex, one is on the wall, and the third travels around the room. 
Here you could potentially liken the piece to a solar eclipse, which is an interesting effect… 


Here all three manifestations of the animation are visible – the small one in the perspex itself, the one on the wall just next to it, and the size-changing reflection that whips around the room, approaching on the right. 
This view captures the perspex as it is almost side-on to the projector, almost splitting the animation in half. You can see the light shining through each edge of the perspex. 

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