3.29. Artist: Anthony McCall

Anthony McCall is a British-born artist based in New York, famous for his ‘Solid Light’ exhibitions. His work has greatly influenced mine, particularly my autumn term practice. This post serves to outline what he does and how his practice informs mine. Shown above is Anthony McCall’s installation, “Solid Light Works.” Only a glance of this […]

3.25. Artist: Matthew Barney

Some art is weird. Sometimes, art gives you a sense of wonderment; a sense of fairytale-like puzzlement, and sometimes it makes you completely uncomfortable. Even a mere snapshot of Matthew Barney’s art films can achieve this effect. Matthew Barney was born in 1967 in San Francisco, California. He graduated from Yale University in 1989 and now […]

3.19. What is Art? A discussion of objects at the V&A

This post serves as a diary entry for my artistic research, and shows my favourite pieces from my visit to the V&A. It also discusses one of the hardest questions to answer – what is Art? What does something have to be in order to be considered a piece of Art? Through a discussion of five objects, […]