My Exhibition Piece: Celestial Spheres

This post is about my individual exhibition piece, a performance/installation called “Celestial Spheres.” For more information on our exhibition as a whole, click here.

Shown above is the performance itself. Originally, this piece was planned to be an installation, to simply be left on display on loop. However, the projector I was using was also being used for the video show reel. I considered simply adding my animation to the show reel but since my piece involved paintings on the screen, which would disrupt everyone else’s work, it made sense to book a time slot for a performance.

Then there was the question of how to turn an installation into a performance. The aim of it was to simply display the installation as intended, but how should I start and end the performance? I knew I’d need to begin by putting the paintings up on the wall before starting the animation…how could I incorporate that?

I realised that, as you can see below, the paintings installed on the wall create the aesthetic of a white-cube style gallery. The environment was a white, windowless room which contributed to this aesthetic. Perhaps



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