3.17. Celestial Spheres

This post is about my individual exhibition piece, a performance/installation called “Celestial Spheres.” For more information on our exhibition as a whole, click here.


Shown above is the performance itself. Originally, this piece was planned to be an installation, to simply be left on display on loop. However, the projector I was using was also being used for the video show reel. I considered simply adding my animation to the show reel but since my piece involved paintings on the screen, which would disrupt everyone else’s work, it made sense to book a time slot for a performance.

Then there was the question of how to turn an installation into a performance. The aim of it was to simply display the installation as intended, but how should I start and end the performance? I knew I’d need to begin by putting the paintings up on the wall before starting the animation…how could I incorporate that?

I realised that, as you can see below, the paintings installed on the wall create the aesthetic of a white-cube style gallery. The environment was a white, windowless room which contributed to this aesthetic. Perhaps putting up the paintings, and leaving them up after as if it were a normal gallery would be a good way to play on the aesthetic.

These are the three paintings that appeared in the performance. At the beginning, each has an orange point of light at its centre. The dots slowly begin to move around, and every so often each dot returns to its respective painting and pauses, before moving again. At the end of the animation each dot gently returns to its painting.

Published by William Fowler

I'm studying Art and English Literature at the University of Reading. My work includes painting, drawing, installation, film, performance, writing, and music. My main influences are surrealism, psychedelia, philosophy, literature, op art, and Arte Povera.

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