3.16. Exhibition: Maud’s Cabinet of Wonders

This post is about the week 5 exhibition, “Maud’s Cabinet of Wonders,” by our studio group a.k.a. “The Wonder Collective.” For more info about my individual piece, click here.

This exhibition was a result of quick thinking, teamwork, and thinking outside the box. It had to be pulled together very quickly, and we had to respond to the environment we were given and the equipment available. This meant it was a challenge but if anything, the difficulties spurred us on even more.

Our exhibition was presented as a cinema, complete with seats and popcorn. We came up with a logo for our collective, made posters, created a press release, and a backlit sign. All this contributed to the aesthetic of a vintage movie theatre.

Of the eight people in our collective, four presented video pieces on a show reel, two had physical artworks on display in the room, and two (including myself) did performances. On our press release, each artist wrote a short paragraph on their piece, and this is mine:

“Celestial Spheres” is a piece that draws on the grace and beauty of motion in nature. Without attempting to re-produce nature, it aims to explore the sublime feeling it brings about via an abstract and ethereal performance.

Everybody’s artwork was very thought-provoking and varied, but what made the event more successful is the fact that we presented them together. By showcasing them all in one event, we had created one big art piece which was more than the sum of its parts, thereby raising the artwork to its full potential.

To add to the vintage cinema aesthetic, each chair came with a cup of popcorn.
Sweets and our logo were put everywhere to create the sense of a brand image; even on the projector.
This is the sign we made for the event; which lights up in the dark. It was placed on this tiny shelf, which is on the right immediately as you walk in.
This is our logo for “The Wonder Collective.” The aesthetic goes with the idea of a vintage cinema, and we thought it had an ironic edge that the acronym also means ‘water closet.’
Here, the exhibition is underway! The film reel is playing and guests are sitting down to enjoy the cinema.
We can see the room’s darkness means imperfections like the plug sockets are not too much of a problem. The room turned out to be an ideal venue for not only the films, but for physical work.


There was a huge amount of variety in the films.


The darkness allowed for more projections to be used. Here we see a piece in which projections interact with a physical sculpture.
This piece was situated just behind the cinema seating. This allowed for viewers to see it before and after enjoying the film reel.


This is our event’s poster, which could be found on the door as you walk in.


Here, the sign is lit up, giving it an atmospheric appearance in the darkened room.
The view as you walk into the cinema.

Published by William Fowler

I'm studying Art and English Literature at the University of Reading. My work includes painting, drawing, installation, film, performance, writing, and music. My main influences are surrealism, psychedelia, philosophy, literature, op art, and Arte Povera.

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