2.35. Jellyfish Video

What have you made?

This week, I deviated from this term’s practice quite a bit and made a video about how turtles mistake plastic bags for jellyfish. The video is 1 minute long, and shows both normal plastic bags and some of the jellyfish I made in an underwater context to show how similar they appear. The video is punctuated by three frames of text:

‘plastic bags, rubbish, jellyfish…’

‘if you’re a sea turtle, it all looks the same.’

‘marine life belongs in the ocean. plastic does not. enough is enough.’

This is another exploration of the plastic theme. This time, I made a video to explore the effects of different media. It displays anger and frustration at the fact that there is so much plastic in the ocean. It is aimed to seem like a public information film, in an attempt to make it short, powerful and persuasive.

I made it using iMovie, and simply layered footage of my plastic jellyfish over underwater footage and a blue filter. The soundtrack was made using a deep synth voice on Garageband, and a recording of my guitar.

I am pleased with how clear the message is and how ominous it comes across, however I feel it seems too much a public information film to be classified as good art. My feedback suggested that the guitar sound added nothing and was merely a distraction, so if I made this film again I would not put that in.

Whilst it was exciting to work with video again I feel that this medium does not particularly suit my spring practice, so this experiment will probably be left as just that, as I will be devoting more time to my other ideas involving installation.


Published by William Fowler

I'm studying Art and English Literature at the University of Reading. My work includes painting, drawing, installation, film, performance, writing, and music. My main influences are surrealism, psychedelia, philosophy, literature, op art, and Arte Povera.

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