2.21. Artist: Andrea Zittel

POCKET PROPERTY: Andrea Zittel. A-Z Prototype for Pocket Property, floating off the coast of Denmark, 1999. Concrete, steel, wood, dirt, and vegetation; approximately 23 × 54 feet. Shown above is a collection of animal ‘breeding units.’ They are designed to contain everything the animal needs all in one small compartment. This was around 1990, when […]

2.18. Autumn Term Artist Statement

The starting point for my practice this term was poetry. My aim is to provoke thought about what poetry is, and experiment with ways to present it. My first poem, “Ode to Autocorrect”, questions the definition of poetry. It was written by repeatedly pressing the middle button on my iPhone’s autocorrect, resulting in sentences that […]

2.14. Cast-Iron

My 2nd Poem, “Cast-Iron”: “…and here we are. Look around at the cast-iron, the crumbling brick walls, the acid rain, the black voodoo. Life in black. 1000 kilograms. Your lungs fill with treacle. Your seven billion compatriots have seemingly vanished. You’ve forgotten what the light looks like. The crystal ball can barely contain its laughter. […]

2.13. Film Screening: Jean-Luc Godard’s “Weekend” (1967)

Week 6 – Screening and discussion of Jean-Luc Godard’s 1967 black comedy, “Weekend” The aim of this workshop was to look at all the different elements of film in general and how they contribute to the overall effect. We started by considering how to analyse a film. To do so, we must consider: form and […]