1.37. Presentation on Cindy Sherman

For our presentation, our group were given the American photographer and film director, Cindy Sherman. Best known for her conceptual portraits, her work is largely centred around feminism, capitalism in the US, and the notion of identity, among other things. Below is a link to our presentation.


Researching the artist using the library as a resource was certainly interesting, and working in a group was great because it enabled us to each research one aspect of the artists’ work and put our ideas all together in one presentation. While I found Sherman’s work interesting, she has not really been an influence on my work thus far.



Published by William Fowler

Hello! I'm studying Art and English Literature at the University of Reading, and I'm currently working with art films to investigate philosophical ideas of the 'real.' As always, my aim is to create pieces of art that are more than the sum of their parts.

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