1.30. Making my Sculpture

sculpture 1
1. Painting a black rectangle on each wall, using masking tape to keep the edges straight
sculpture 3
2. Black rectangle – complete!
sculpture 4
3. Returning to my sculpture space after quite some time, I encountered what would become quite an annoyance – people walking all over the black rectangle, leaving dusty footprints that were difficult to clean up without taking the black paint off as well. I ended up having to repaint the floor. On the bright side, I began applying the tape to the vertical wall, using a metal ruler to carefully measure the gaps between the pieces.
sculpture 5
4. Close-up of the vertical wall. The blu-tak is there because I was using it as a marker to get the gaps in between the tape exactly (or near enough) right. I used a ruler and a scalpel to get the top edges of the tape flat and identical.
sculpture 6
5. Tape on vertical wall complete! I was really pleased with how this looked and felt I’d done a good job of getting the measurements correct.
sculpture 7
6. With the floor repainted, the piece slowly began to come together.
sculpture 8
sculpture 9
sculpture 10
9. This image shows the slightly passive-aggressive sign I put up above my work in an attempt to stop the problem of footprints from re-occuring.
sculpture 11
10. This angle highlights the straightness I managed to achieve with my tape.
sculpture 12
11. Returning to my sculpture at a later date, there was the odd footprint but for the most part my sign seemed to have worked. Shown here is the beginning of the application of tape to the floor, which did not take as long as the vertical wall because the lengths were slightly shorter and I did not have to do any measuring; I only had to match the pieces of tape up with the vertical ones.
sculpture 13
12. Floor tape complete!
sculpture 14
sculpture 15
sculpture 16
15. As luck would have it, there was a very long and thin plank of MDF near my sculpture space, which became very useful in marking out the diagonals as a reference for the rest of the sculpture.
sculpture 17
16. Along the diagonal I drew a small dot with a pencil as a reference.
sculpture 18
17. Along the vertical side I marked out a similar diagonal, and from then the process of linking them up with tape to form the sculpture began.
sculpture 19
18. Linking up finished!
sculpture 20
sculpture 21
sculpture 22
21. A re-creation of the photo I took of my magic tape model, this time with the real thing – this displays the parabolic curve the sculpture creates.
sculpture 23
sculpture 24
23. Upon noticing the black rectangle wasn’t quite straight, I used more masking tape and repainted the edge.
sculpture 25
24. Sculpture complete!

Published by William Fowler

Hello! I'm studying Art and English Literature at the University of Reading, and I'm currently working with art films to investigate philosophical ideas of the 'real.' As always, my aim is to create pieces of art that are more than the sum of their parts.

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