1.28. Experiment: Masking Tape on a Wall

mock-up 1
Fig. 1
mock-up 2
Fig. 2
mock-up 3
Fig. 3
mock-up 4
Fig. 4

To make a large-scale model of the design, I used masking tape and I constructed it in the gallery where my final piece would eventually go. In a slightly dirty studio, with beige, slightly translucent masking tape, the effect is not quite as profound as it could be; however, I am still really pleased with how it looks. Hopefully showing the sculpture from four different angles demonstrates how the moiré effect changes when you walk around it.

Masking tape was fantastically easy to work with; it does not stretch and was easy to cut with a scalpel. However, the beige colour looks a bit tacky and does not contrast well with the white and grey background. I then tried the same design with black electrical tape because it has a nicer look and is black so it contrasts better with the background. Unfortunately, it proved to be a nightmare to work with – it stretched and was difficult to cut straight with a scalpel, so I didn’t finish the model and ruled out electrical tape as a medium.



Published by William Fowler

Hello! I'm studying Art and English Literature at the University of Reading, and I'm currently working with art films to investigate philosophical ideas of the 'real.' As always, my aim is to create pieces of art that are more than the sum of their parts.

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