Autumn Week 2: Texts

This week we collaborated on a very special artwork. Six of us in our studio group were split into three pairs, and within each pair everyone wrote a creative piece of text wholly inspired by the other person. Each person then recited the text wrote for them in an art performance. The reader was positioned…

Autumn Week 1: Motions

Back to the Studio! This post is about my first installed art piece of the year. With term beginning after three months away from the studio, I was eager to investigate the part 3 studio space and start considering how to respond to it artistically. Overview My artwork this week is called “Motions”, which can…

Summer 2018: Abstract Expressionist Painting

My practice this summer has been inspired in part by the surrealist idea that art should come from the unconscious mind. I had this idea in mind when creating my abstract animation work, and the idea continues in a painting I’ve completed… Overview It is painted using acrylic. I’ve included a lot of primary colour,…

Summer 2018: Animation Project

My aim for the summer break was to create work that challenged my technical skill and engaged my perception of artistic style and media. This post is all about an animation concept I have created, and the ideas of nature and technology that inspired it. Upon completion, I intend this piece to be a 3-dimensional, immersive animation…

Studio Drift at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

Every now and then, you encounter an artwork that, for one reason or another, leaves you absolutely speechless. Art like this reminds you why art exists at all; it rejuvenates your passion for creating and your artistic curiosity. I recently travelled to Amsterdam and while there, I visited the Stedelijk Museum. Dedicated to modern art…

Artist Statement Spring & Summer 2018

My 2018 practice has culminated in a final piece which involves 2-D and 3-D elements, makes use of waste material, and includes text. I have experimented with media a lot this year and I like to think this piece represents the result of that experimentation. The canvas was made entirely of straws, attached together with…

Plastic Bag Jellyfish – 2018

I submitted my swarm of jellyfish made from plastic bags for our Spring Term Exhibition: “This Is What We Did”. Full post here.

Plastic Bag Manifesto

This manifesto, written across four painted plastic bags, was inspired by the Oscar Wilde quote, “All art is quite useless.” Full post here.

Face Scrub Painting – 2018

This is a (half full) bottle of face scrub, containing plastic micro-beads, which I turned into a painting. Full post here.

Cast Iron – 2017

‘Cast-Iron’ combines poetry with experimental music and psychedelic visuals. For the full post, click here.